Going Green With Your Home Design

Going Green With Your Home Design

You don’t got to sacrifice stunning, tasteful style to “Go Green” when making a decision the way to style a space and looking out for piece of furniture for the house. a simple begin is to use low VOC paint, that reduces the discharge of harmful fumes and harmful gases into your home. There ar several smart quality brands with associate degree array of marvellous color choices. 

If you decide on to use wallpaper in decorating your space, make certain your alternatives were created from renewable forests, mistreatment water based mostly inks – freed from significant metals and solvents.For window treatments or upholstery, several corporations ar providing additional cloth choices, containing post-consumer, recycled materials. 

The “feel” and quality are wonderful, and you may not got to sacrifice the “designer look” you're attempting to realize. If you’re having issue locating these varieties of product, decision one in all our friendly designers to help you with some alternatives or whole recommendations. Also, you'll be able to wait for the article on this subject, within the forthcoming issue of Destination bay Magazine.




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Going Green With Your Home Design